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Nurture the future.

Regenerative, innovative and profitable: tomorrow’s agriculture.
Looking after the land means protecting our future and safeguarding our beauties.

Cereal Docks Group strongly feels the responsibility to take part in improving the context that the farms operate in; acknowledging that farming is not only the first link in its value chain, but also the best way to control the territory, defend the environment, biodiversity and the landscape.
That is why the Group raises awareness along the farming chain by promoting a management that supports sustainability and innovation in line with the European system policies (Green Deal and Farm to Fork), while enabling generation of a fair revenue for farms, with positive spill-over effects from the productivity and quality points of view.

Manifesto for the agriculture of tomorrow: regenerative, innovative, and profitable

Cereal Docks' commitment to ensuring a more sustainable food production is realized through the promotion of good agricultural practices that enhance the climate resilience of agroecosystems. To initiate this change, Cereal Docks proposes a path to share knowledge and experiences with the agricultural, scientific, industrial, and associative world, promoting the dissemination of the best regenerative practices through the Nurture the Future Manifesto.

Mantegna Academy for farming

This is the corporate school dedicated to the farming world, thanks to which Cereal Docks reaches its supply chain offering training and experimental field activities.
Since 2022, the farming supply chain digitisation project has been at the centre of its training activities: thanks to the collaboration of the Agronomic and R&I departments with the platform for digital farming xFarm, the Group has made a new field monitoring and management instrument available to its farm suppliers. This is an app providing precious information on the technical and economic management of the company; in order to improve administrative management, optimise use of resources and reduce the impact of productions. The app interfaces with the sustainability Portal of Cereal Docks, a tool that has always collected and managed the information needed to guarantee traced, sustainable Italian supply chain products.
In the field today for tomorrow’s agriculture. To consolidate the historical link with primary sector partners, and above all to renew it with innovation and sustainability in mind, through Mantegna Academy for farming, Cereal Docks organises training moments, in the field presentations, and debates with experts on current issues in agriculture every year.

Cà Felicita, a lab for sustainable farming in the openair

The Ca’ Felicita farm in Jesolo (Venice) became involved with the Cereal Docks Group in 2021. Its over 250 hectares of arable land and vineyards are dedicated to implementing a real openair laboratory, for the creation of innovative, regenerative farming projects, thanks to experimentation with low environmental impact agronomic techniques, like sowing on firm ground and use of cover crops, more respectful of soil fertility, biodiversity, and water resources.
The inspiration for this new project comes from that close link to nature, the earth and farming that has always been the red thread along which the Cereal Docks story has developed.

InnCampo, the annual technical-educational event dedicated to the farming world

The Ca’ Felicita farm, agronomic laboratory of Cereal Docks, is also where InnCampo, the technical-educational event dedicated to farming, takes place every year, in collaboration with the most important technical partners in the nutrition technology and farm machinery fields.
The idea came from the fact that the Italian agro-food is called on to face important challenges affecting the safeguarding of natural resources, climate changes and enhancing national production. Developing an adaptive, yet innovative approach is fundamental for handling those challenges. InnCampo wants to take part in and respond to this need through an event dedicated to the discovery and in-depth analysis of techniques and technologies that can produce a positive impact on the environment and profitability, the levers to work on to combine competitiveness and sustainability.

Commitments: promote a traced, responsible procurement chain

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