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Our planet, our home

The Cereal Docks Group is actively committed to preventing and minimising the impacts of its processes and products on the environment.
Besides the development of sustainable chains from the field onwards, co-generation and photovoltaic plants go in this direction too; as does the ongoing internal training on the most important environmental issues, outgoing awareness-raising and communication actions.
Renewable energies
Sustainable logistics
HQ at zero energy

The commitments: reduce emissions, implement renewable energies


Energy efficiency and renewable energies

Co-generation systems powered by bio-liquids and photovoltaic plants equipped with technological solutions to optimise their energy efficiency to satisfy company energy needs; with any surplus put into and transferred to the national distribution network, are just a tangible sign of the care the Group dedicates to the impact of its processes. This plus the energy efficiency investment affecting several plants.

77% of the electricity self-produced by the Group in 2022 comes from sustainable sources €

Sustainable logistics

Of the routes moving the environmental issue commitment, the main one is transporting cereals and oilseeds by vehicles that are the least polluting possible, starting from ships and trains on to road transport, used for shorter distances. Moreover, the Group has chosen to favour and promote collaboration with logistics partners committed to reducing the environmental impact of their transport means. The result consists in lorries powered by liquid methane LNG personalised with the Cereal Docks trademark, assigned in use to those shippers who commit using latest generation vehicles.

Speed, safety, efficiency, sustainability: the Pese 4.0 logistics system was completed in 2022; thanks to which facilities have been integrated into a single digital platform.

HQ at zero energy

Even the headquarters are consistent with Group values: care for innovation, for sustainability and nature. Inaugurated in 2018, the building adopts building systems enabling high performance and energy savings, with a generous green lung both around the building and in its inner courtyard. Then since 2022, the photovoltaic plant installed on the roof of the storage centre standing next to the headquarters makes it fully self-sufficient from an energy needs point of view.