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Our Charter of values contains our “why”; what we believe in and work for every day. They are the principles our companies are founded on; a reference point for the entire Group and for all those joining us.
What makes us stand out
Living the present while being well aware of the future. We look forward carefully and receptively, to identify business and growth opportunities.
Looking to the future means being able to stay one step ahead. We are fast and dynamic, ready to grasp challenges and opportunities, adapting our models and always developing new, innovative strategies and routes.
Inclusion, taking part in the debate, sharing successes. Involving people, recognising their quality, is what a system that can generate value everywhere, inside and outside the company, is based on.
What we strive for
We like going straight to the core of the matter because we have learnt to recognise what is essential, to know who we are and what we really want.
We like relations to be based on transparency. Being clear and direct is how we respect the people we work with every day.
We let our work speak for us. Our experience, professionalism and clarity are what make us credible, a partner to be trusted; because trust is the indispensable base of every relationship.
What we are
The fire setting everything alight; the awareness that we belong to something important, something to be built together. Not just work, but a mission powered by this energy.
We are part of a system and must look after it; working for the common good. That is what accountability means for us; a commitment taken with our employees, the animals, and the environment surrounding us.
We know who we are. We know what we are worth but we don’t like flaunting it. Humility is our way of being and relating to the world; an authentic relationship built on the ongoing exchange of stimuli and points of view.


Guaranteeing nourishment and well-being to the environment, animals and people to keep the eco-system perfectly balanced


Working with passion and humility for a common good; building a world where everyone can nourish themselves and be well. Able to renew oneself and evolve over time, like the will to carry on enhancing one’s human resources, the link to one’s territory of origin, the commitment to invest in the continual improvement of processes and products.


We trust people and they trust us. That is why, alongside our partners, we are building a sustainable model founded on certified supply chains, innovative technologies and essential production, without waste, to protect, nourish, respect the environment, all living beings and for a zero emissions future.