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Impact assessment report

Italian legislation, the first in Europe to introduce the legal entity type of “dual purpose” company, requires Benefit Corporations to draw up a Report that narrates and assesses the impact generated by Company activities during the year, including the following areas:
Company governance
to assess the transparency and responsibility level of the Company when pursuing common benefit purposes, with special attention for the Company purpose, at stakeholder level of involvement and transparency of the policies and practices adopted;
to assess relations with employees and collaborators in terms of salary and benefits, training and personal growth opportunities, work environment quality, internal communication, flexibility and occupational safety;
Other stakeholders
to assess the relations of the Company with its suppliers, with the territory and community it operates in, the voluntary work actions, the donations, the cultural and social activities, and each action to support local and its supply chain growth;
to assess Company impacts, with a prospect of life cycle of products and services, in terms of use of resources, energy, raw materials, production processes, logistic and distribution processes, use and consumption and end of life.
Cereal Docks Group believes that the impact assessment Report is not a static document but the story of an ongoing commitment. A continual improvement path where the Benefit Corporation is a model where creation of value, intended as profit and common benefit, can become a competitive advantage.