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Our ingredients

Closely linked to the farming world, Cereal Docks Group companies start from a plant-based matrix and transform it into a range of diversified ingredients, accompanied by solid reliability, safety and quality guarantees.

Starting from the ground’s fruits, Cereal Docks Group companies transform the oilseeds of sunflower, soy, rapeseed into a wide range of rough and refined oils.
Sunflower seed oil, soy oil, rapeseed oil. The mechanical seed pressing and extraction processes lead to rough oilseed oils such as soy, rapeseed and sunflower.

High-oleic sunflower seed oil, linoleic sunflower seed oil
The rough oil is further processed in the modern Camisano Vicentino refinery, operational since 2022. An accurate refining process to enhance and preserve the quality of seeds, resulting in refined oils, in particular sunflower, used in food and packaging industry applications, but also in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


Rough and virgin oils from the cold-pressing of the organic seeds of sunflower, soy, rapeseed. The Cereal Docks Organic facility (Roverchiara, Verona) has a cold seed pressing plant and a winterisation plant for the production of sunflower and rapeseed virgin oils.

Sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil.
In the new Camisano Vicentino refining facility, the production process is optimised to refine organic oil thanks to advanced technologies for a delicate, batch-based refining process dedicated to organic oil.


Camelina oil, linseed oil.
The Roverchiara production facility has a second oil mill dedicated to the cold pressing of selected seeds to produce special, high quality linseed and camelina oils. The oil mill is designed to guarantee maximum production flexibility, also enabling very small batches and thus responding to customer needs.


Historically linked to the Cereal Docks origins, cereals (corn, barley, wheat) have always been fundamental nutrients and have taken on an increasingly more important human nutrition role in recent years.

Corn, alongside its zootechnical applications, is also used to produce gluten-free flours, is used in the yeasts industry or in the production of beer. Wheat or soft wheat is used as flour for domestic uses, in bread-making, the confectionary and food industry and in HORECA. Barley, transformed into malt, is the raw material for the production of beer and alcoholic drinks. It is also used in the food industry in ready-made soups and salads, as flour in bread mixture or in the preparation of cakes.


The natural emulsifier, fundamental for the production of chocolate, custards, confectionary, baked products, baby food. Numerous other technical and industrial applications. Development of the plant-based emulsifier market