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Sustainable logistics, Cereal Docks recipe leads to 24 million savings

15 Marzo 2021
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To contribute to the reduction of the environmental and social impact that derives from production activity and transport of goods by redefining the logistical management of raw materials and processed products thanks to an integrated and multimodal logistic system. This is, in short, the recipe of Cereal Docks, that was examined by a study carried out by transport economist specialist, prof. Andrea Giuricin. THE STUDY The study calculated the impact of rail logistics with respect to the reduction of what are technically defined as "negative externalities": penalizing factors such as pollution, noise and accidents, which are not always adequately taken into consideration when drawing up a balance sheet of the impacts deriving from production and logistic activities. 24 MILLION SAVINGS A logistical evolution which, according to the study, led to over 24 million euros of external costs saved in three years. The key point of the strategy is to move the long-distance supply of grains and oilseeds by ship and train and manage intermediate and finished products through multi-modality: first long-haul transport by train and subsequent proximity transport by truck with low environmental impact: latest generation euro6 hybrids and LNG. DIVERSIFICATION AND MULTIMODALITY The driving factor of the growth of rail traffic was in particular the Portogruaro plant, the logistic hub of the Group which supports 75% of our rail traffic. "To the necessary diversification of sources we have also added the diversification of the logistics chain - explains Cereal Docks President Mauro Fanin - in this way we have reduced not only the risks associated with excessive territorial dependence but also the social costs and the impacts on environment necessary to guarantee the continuity of supplies. The right solution to our needs was the creation of a multimodal, automated and interconnected logistics system”.

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