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Students visiting Camisano

17 Novembre 2017
Tempo di lettura: 2 min
Two classes from the Ferraris Technical Institute of Verona experienced an in-depth visit to the Camisano Cereal Docks Food facility. In the scope of agricultural production technology studies, the students and their professors were presented an in-depth explanation of seed oil technologies and related processes: oil extraction, lecithin production and an overview of biodiesel. Over the course of the visit, the 45 students, accompanied by Professor Angelo Zantedeschi, Mara Micheletti and Rosa Benetti, had the opportunity to explore the entire transformation process for oil seeds, from weighing to extraction, lecithin standardization, and the transesterification process to obtain another derivative of vegetable oils, biodiesel. Cereal Docks and Cereal Docks Food are happy to host these initiatives, bring the world of school closer to the world of industry, promoting “on-site” training for young people. The company also hosts educational internships that involve students in high schools and universities, facilitating them in writing their theses on topics related to management, production technologies, product innovation and processes.

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