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Group Lab, keywords: quality and safety

30 Agosto 2019
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Cereal Docks Group Lab, il nuovo centro di eccellenza per la qualità e l'innovazione di Cereal Docks è pronto alla prossima campagna di raccolta. Cereal Docks Group Lab, the new centre of excellence for quality and innovation in Cereal Docks, has been active for a few months now and it is ready for the next harvesting campaign to guarantee the highest level of safety for the raw materials reaching the company for processing. The quality control and safety function is a key element of the customer and consumer relationship who are increasingly aware on safety, health and well-being issues. The Group Lab is Cereal Docks' response to market needs and is embodied in a growing commitment in terms of resources, professionalism, technologies, to ensure quality, safety, standards and environmental sustainability. In addition to the Group's new laboratories, the company has implemented different certification schemes such as GMP+ for the production and marketing of animal feed for feed applications, and FSSC 22000, the highest international food safety standard, recognised by the authoritative Global Food Safety Initiative, which certifies the safety throughout the food chain. At Cereal Docks we also focus on prevention through technologies that can detect the presence of mycotoxins in the corn when the goods arrive and before they enter the production process. NIR (Near Infrared Reflectance) control systems are able to provide instant results based on a non-destructive predictive technique that automates process controls. Data management also makes it possible to define trends and intervene immediately when deviations occur. Quality control is increasingly based on forecast analysis, while the staff is responsible for optimising, implementing and monitoring the technology, so that the company's production processes can be managed in the best possible way. The integration of quality, sustainability and traceability represents a major challenge for the company with a view to offering the customer industry and consumers a management system controlling the origin of the product from the field, quality throughout all stages of production and compliance with the most strict international standards.

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