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Giorgio Dalla Bona confirmed Vice President of Coceral

27 Maggio 2021
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New appointments in COCERAL, the European association representing the sector of procurement, distribution, import and export of agricultural raw materials, which in recent days has reconfirmed in the role of President Philippe Mitko, Head of Public Affairs of InVivo and as Vice President the CEO of Cereal Docks International, Giorgio Dalla Bona. New election for the other Vice President, Olivier Calvar, Regional Manager of the Viterra company. Founded in 1958, COCERAL represents grain and feed traders and promotes an approach to agriculture in tune with the global economic framework. The association's objective is to respond to the important challenges of the sector by combining greater productivity and efficiency of the agricultural system with the protection of the environment and climate. The Association pays particular attention to food safety related issues and also plays an important role in policies affecting the European agricultural and agri-food community. In this sense, particularly noteworthy is the EU Farm to Fork Strategy which has sparked a wide debate over the last year and which will be the focus of attention at an important event promoted by Coceral the next 23rd of June. “We are well aware that the food system must integrate further measures to improve its sustainability as quickly as possible, while maintaining the highest standards of food quality and convenience - explained Dalla Bona, commenting on the challenges that await Coceral in the future -. However, we must recognize that the proposed strategy still raises many doubts in the European agricultural and agri-food community. We have requested a comprehensive impact assessment from the European Commission to initiate a concrete and fact-based discussion of the Farm to Fork strategy, which will have a major impact on the environmental quality of our agriculture, as well as on our production capacity, competitiveness, imports and, ultimately, on consumer prices. Arguments too important to be held hostage by ideologies and political positions not based on concrete data and scientific evidence. On the occasion of the event on the 23rd of June we will be able to present our point of view and the results of an intense data collection work that has involved us in recent months ".  

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