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Cereal Docks Organic at BIOFACH: the organic value of ingredients

12 Luglio 2022
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Cereal Docks Organic makes its debut at BIOFACH 2022, showcasing all the organic value of its products and ingredients at the world's leading organic fair, which will take place in Nuremberg from the 26th to 29th July.

During the four days of exhibition, the main players in the organic world will have the opportunity to meet and share ideas and experiences, inspired by the innovations of many amazing and talented companies.

Cereal Docks Organic, the company of Cereal Docks Group that oversees the organic supply chains of agricultural raw materials, will bring to BIOFACH 2022 a wide range of products whose destinations affect various sectors of the agroindustry: from food to animal nutrition.

Vegetable oils (raw, virgin, refined) derived from the cold pressing of organic soy, rapeseed and sunflower seeds from certified organic supply chains, special organic oils such as camelina oil and linseed oil, but also organic textured vegetable proteins and micronized flours, utilized in the food sector. Other products, intended for animal nutrition, include cereals, protein panels, oils derived from organic farming.

All Cereal Docks Organic products are the result of the close collaboration between farmers and the company: high quality ingredients, coming from raw materials grown, harvested, and processed in full compliance with organic standards, to guarantee safety, genuineness and the protection of ecosystem, soil fertility, natural resources and biodiversity.

The alliance with farmers is in fact the cornerstone of Cereal Docks Organic's work, which has always been committed to enhancing virtuous farmers and territories. To guarantee the complete integration of the supply chain, all processing, from the seed to the product, takes place in the factories of Cereal Docks Group, such as in the new refinery in Camisano Vicentino, equipped with advanced technologies for a delicate batch refining process, specifically utilized for organic oil.

To offer its customers maximum transparency, Cereal Docks Organic makes use of an advanced quality control and assurance system, guaranteeing safe products, certainty of origin, traceability and organoleptic and nutritional quality as well as a high hygienic-sanitary standard. Cereal Docks Organic operates throughout the European market and in the markets of North America, Australia and Asia thanks to an intermodal logistics platform, while maritime logistics is managed using the ports of Venice, Genoa, and La Spezia.

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