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Award for the industrial redevelopment of Porto Marghera

22 Gennaio 2020
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The 2019 edition of the RegioStars Awards confirmed the excellence of the action taken in Porto Marghera (VE), where in recent years a path has been launched to revamp the industrial area while maintaining a smooth balance between territory and production activities.

The European award, conceived to celebrate the most innovative projects promoted by the territorial cohesion policies of the European Commission, has in fact recognized the project coordinated by the Municipality of Venice, "GreenerSites", which showed the investments made over the years in Porto Marghera for the environmental renovation and reactivation of abandoned industrial sites in order to improve their environmental management and increase the living conditions of the surrounding areas.

Cereal Docks invested in this award back in 2011, when it acquired the former plant in Via Banchina Molini from the American multinational Bunge launching an investment plan of about 60 million euros for the complete revamping of the plant.

The refurbishment not only doubled the plant's production capacity but also completed a major strengthening of the Group's logistics system. The Porto Marghera plant is in fact naturally aimed at international trade and is suitable for receiving and processing soya beans from different areas of the world, thanks to the new landing stage overlooking the West industrial canal, with a water space that allows the dock of Panamax ships up to 240 metres long and the new mechanical unloader, specifically designed for cereals, with a capacity of 800 tonnes per hour (about 18,000 TM/day on average).

The focus that combines productivity and sustainability is indeed logistics efficiency, and the fusion of ship transport, road and rail. The possibility of relying on more efficient transport infrastructures and services is in fact one of the most important requirements to help companies in the industrial area of Porto Marghera to continue to grow, developing their trade potential both in Italy and abroad, enhancing what has always distinguished Venice over the centuries: being a gateway to the East and to the North of the world.

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