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New oil tanker truck

28 Novembre 2017
Tempo di lettura: 2 min
A new oil tanker truck for transporting oils is added to the other 7 custom Euro 6 vehicles under the Cereal Docks brand name, which for several months have been transporting products on behalf of the company. Cereal Docks is committed to conceiving, designing and implementing best logistics practices under the aegis of sustainability, fully aware that the harvest, transport and storage of agricultural products have a decisive influence on the environment. Therefore, the company manages its logistics practices based on 5 guidelines: 1. A commitment to transport grains and oil seeds using the least polluting transport means, by sea, followed by trains, using road transport only for shorter distances. 2. Selection of road transport carriers based on their experience and ability to carefully manage the transport of harvests, and their willingness to invest in vehicles with lower carbon dioxide emissions. 3. A desire to be an active player in facilitating change, a proactive force in supporting and recommending transport services in their selection of the best means. 4. Commitment to planning and studying storage means together, and to alternative itineraries to reduce transit times and the total CO2 emissions caused by transport. 5. Trust in innovation, improving environmental performance in vehicles, in particular regarding hybrid technologies and the use of alternative fuels.

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