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Cereal Docks Organic’s plant in Roverchiara (VR) has obtained the FSSC 22000 certification

31 Gennaio 2022
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Cereal Docks Organic’s plant located in Roverchiara (Verona) joins, together with Camisano Vicentino and Portogruaro, the list of the Group's production plants in possession of the FSSC 22000 certification, one of the highest international standards in terms of food safety, recognized by the influential Global Food Safety Initiative.

The Roverchiara production plant, which was acquired by the Cereal Docks Group in 2021, is specialized in the transformation of raw materials from organic farming and focuses on the theme of food quality as one of its main strengths, with the aim of continually improving food safety.

Thanks to the systematic management of PRPs (Prerequisites Program), Cereal Docks Organic can guarantee a suitable environment for the production, management and supply of products and ingredients intended for human consumption along the entire food chain. The FSSC 22000 scheme offers a solid risk analysis and management methodology based on HACCP principles (Hazard analysis and critical control points) and on the ability to control food safety standards in food production, logistics and marketing processes.

Working side by side with farmers, Cereal Docks Organic develops organic supply chains, collecting and transforming oil seeds (soybean, rapeseed, sunflower, camelina, flax), adopting rigorous organic standards to protect the ecosystem, soil fertility, non-renewable resources, and biodiversity.

The entire production cycle is carried out in the Roverchiara plant, where about twenty people currently work, to ensure a fully integrated organic production chain, traceability, and certainty of the origin of the raw material. All Cereal Docks Organic’s products, protein panels, crude oils and oils derived from the cold pressing of organic Italian soybean, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, and special organic oils, such as camelina oil and linseed oil, are the result of constant attention to "global quality": hygienic-sanitary, agronomic, environmental, and social.

"To bring the experience, solidity, and reliability of Cereal Docks Group also in the organic segment - says Giacomo Fanin, CEO of Cereal Docks Organic - we are investing in three directions: enhancing the work of farmers, investing in quality, and adhering to the highest international standards of food safety, such as FSCC 22000. Cereal Docks Organic intends to win the consideration, trust, and loyalty of customers thanks to certified quality, valuable collaborators, an efficient production structure, new technologies and the very strong and 'historical' link with the agricultural world. This growth path encourages us to be optimistic, aiming to double revenues and exceed 30 million euros within the next two years".

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