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Cereal Docks finalizes the acquisition of the organic oil mill in Roverchiara

11 Agosto 2021
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Cereal Docks, industrial group in the Veneto region operating in the agro-food processing industry, has finalized the acquisition of the oil mill dedicated to the production of vegetable oils and protein panels from organic farming, located in Roverchiara in the province of Verona. This completes the path started in 2019 with the lease of the business unit from the company O.F.D. Spa, which had allowed the plant's production activity to resume, protecting the workforce.   With this operation, worth approximately 11 million, Cereal Docks Group adds a further step to the diversification strategy of its product portfolio, relying the development of the business in the international organic market to the subsidiary Cereal Docks Organic.   The entire transformation cycle from seed to product is carried out in the Roverchiara plant, which currently employs 19 people, to guarantee the complete integration of the organic supply chain. In addition to the oil mill, the plant is equipped with state-of-the-art systems and technical solutions to produce innovative ingredients for the food industry, high-quality derived vegetable proteins, such as gluten-free cryomilled flours and textured vegetable protein.   "We want to bring the forty-year experience, solidity and reliability of the Cereal Docks Group, leader in Italy and one of the main European players in the oilseed market and in cereal trading, to the organic segment, – says Giacomo Fanin, CEO of Cereal Docks Organic –. We will be able to do this by enhancing the work of farmers, who we intend to strengthen our partnership with, investing in quality, thanks to new technological equipment for the internal laboratory, adherence to the highest international standards of food safety and specific voluntary schemes for organic products. As a further guarantee of transparency, we are applying 'reinforced' traceability systems to our organic supply chains, to achieve a complete integration of all production phases, from the field to the product."   Today, Cereal Docks Organic looks at international markets and opportunities in the sector of oils derived from the cold pressing of Italian organic soy, rapeseed and sunflower seeds, but also at the niche of special organic oils, such as camelina oil or linseed oil. “The desire of a healthy living combined with the spread of various diets inspired by other cultures – explains Giacomo Fanin – have led to a healthy influence, with the increasingly frequent presence of special oils on supermarket shelves. It is a virtuous combination: for health purposes, it is much better to have organic oils, further offering the opportunity for crop diversification for the benefit of both the environment and the farmer".   The outlook for the consumption of organic products is positive. Europe, with over 40 billion sales recorded in 2019, is the second largest market in the world after the USA. “This figure - continues Fanin - makes us look to the future with optimism: we aim to double our turnover, exceeding 30 million within the next two years”. Cereal Docks Organic is also very interested in the vegetable protein market, such as textured soy: both in ground or bites, it is produced by extruding concentrated and / or isolated protein flours and used as an ingredient to produce special vegan burgers, meat sauce, meatballs and stews based on vegetable proteins. “Developing plant-based ingredients as an alternative or complementary products in respect of animal proteins is one of our strategic focuses – continues Fanin –. A recent study by the Boston Consulting Group estimates that in 2035 these types of products will represent 11% of the world protein market, with a 290 billion dollars turnover, at least. As a Group that has always operated in ingredients derived from plants, we consider it a great opportunity, to be seized to give an even higher value to both traditional and innovative agricultural supply chains, using our skills and the relationship of trust that binds us to farmers ".

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